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Pratt Institute Archives

Historical papers, images, and artifacts that document the history and development of Pratt Institute

Archives Researcher Guidelines

●    Hands should be clean and free of oils. Please wash your hands with soap and water (do not use hand sanitizer) before viewing materials.
●    Archival materials do not circulate and can be used only at the dedicated tables in the reference room.
●    Use pencil, not pen, for taking written notes. Laptops, mobile phones, and other personal devices are also welcome.
●    Photography (without flash) for personal research or private study is encouraged. For other uses, consult with the archivist.
●    Bags, briefcases, purses, and backpacks should not be opened or placed on the table when materials are in use.
●    Food and beverages, including bottled water and gum, are not allowed.
●    Use one box at a time, and remove one folder at a time from the box.
●    Maintain the order in which materials are arranged. Never remove items from folders.
●    All documents should remain on the surface of the table and be handled with care. Do not rest your hand, arm or any object on the materials, or flatten bound volumes. Book cradles and weights are available if needed.
●    Use paper slips provided by the staff for marking places or indicating materials to be reproduced.
●    Wear cotton gloves (provided by the staff) when handling materials such as photographs and negatives not in protective enclosures. Never remove items from protective enclosures.
●    Please notify the staff if you notice any damaged materials or suspect items are out of order.

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