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Pratt Institute Archives

Historical papers, images, and artifacts that document the history and development of Pratt Institute

Notice and Takedown Policy for Digital Materials

The Pratt Institute Libraries provide access to digital collections to further education and research. Care is taken to clear rights and attribute rights holders when possible, but due to the nature of archives and special collections this information is not always available.

Users of the digital collections may: 1) find unattributed or misattributed materials for which a correct attribution does exist, 2) find materials for which they are the rights holder and have not granted permission or are not covered by a copyright exception under US copyright laws, or 3) find materials that include personal information they object to sharing online.

In any of these cases, users of these collections should send an email to with the following information:

  • Rights-holder contact information (address, email, telephone number)
  • Identification of the questionable materials with information sufficient to locate them, such as a screen grab, a link, or an identifying number
  • A statement containing the following information:
    • The nature of the issue with the shared materials, such as non-attribution, misattribution, copyright infringement, or privacy concern
    • How the problem should be addressed, such as adding or fixing the attribution, updating the copyright information, or taking down the infringing materials

Upon receiving a notice that includes the details listed above, the receipt of the request will be acknowledged and allegedly infringing materials will be removed from public view while the issues identified in the notice are reviewed.

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