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Assistive Technology

A short overview of Assistive Technologies at the Pratt Institute Libraries


For those who use assistive technologies, we have two library locations which offer a variety of specialized hardware and software. Computers at the Brooklyn Library have Windows 10 installed with the Narrator screen reader and Magnifier for screen magnification. We also have a dedicated workstation in the 1st Floor Fiction room with a combination of assistive hardware/software. Pratt Manhattan is outfitted with several computers with Microsoft Windows that use the Narrator screen reader and Magnifier for screen magnification. Pratt Manhattan also has a Topaz Ultra CCtv Reader. A full breakdown is below.

For assistance with assistive hardware or software, please ask for help at the Reference Desk.


  • Topaz EZ HD Desktop Magnifier (Brooklyn)
  • Epson Scanners (Brooklyn & Manhattan)
  • BookEye Scanners (Brooklyn & Manhattan)
  • High Contrast Keyboard (Brooklyn)
  • BIGTrack 2 trackball mouse (Brooklyn)
  • ZoomText input microphone (Brooklyn)
  • Topaz Ultra CCTV Reader (Manhattan)


  • JAWS Screen Reader (Brooklyn)
  • Windows 10 Narrator Screen Reader (Brooklyn & Manhattan)
  • Windows 10 Magnifier (Brooklyn & Manhattan)
  • Fusion JAWS & ZoomText Magnifier (Brooklyn) 
  • FSReader 3.0 Book Reader (Brooklyn)
  • ZoomText Screen Magnifier (Brooklyn)
  • Kurzweil 3000 (Brooklyn & Manhattan)

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