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Pratt Institute Archives

Historical papers, images, and artifacts that document the history and development of Pratt Institute

How to Cite Primary Sources

When archival materials are referred to, quoted, or reproduced, they should be properly cited. Not only does this increase the credibility of your work,  it also allows future researchers and archives staff to find and use the materials again. The format of the citation will vary depending upon the style guide being used, but the following elements should be included:

  • Title or description of the document, including creator, dates, page, volume, or similar identifying information
  • Collection title
  • Repository (Pratt Institute Archives)
  • Series information
  • Container information (box and folder numbers)

We have provided sample citations following the MLA format below, but other style guides can be used.

The Purdue OWL Citing Archival Sources page may also be helpful. To learn how to cite secondary sources and unique formats, visit the Citing Sources Libguide.


Article in the Pratt Institute Monthly​Many publications in the Archives do not belong to a specific collection. These include the Prattonia, Prattler, Pratt Institute Monthly, and others. For these titles, omit the collection, series, and container information. 

Example: Gayley, Charles Mills. "The Poetry of Social Reform." Pratt Institute Monthly, vol. 9, no. 1, Nov. 1900. Pratt Institute Archives.



Typewritten letter from Charles Pratt to William W. Shirley, director of the Pratt Institute Free LibraryPratt, Charles M. Letter to William W. Shirley. 23 Oct. 1939. Records of the Library, Pratt Institute Archives, 6.1: General Correspondence, box 20, folder 5.


Typescript of lecture on indexingCollar, Mildred A. "Indexes are the souls of books." Apr. 1899. Records of the School of Information and Library Science, Pratt Institute Archives, Series 5.3: Lectures, box 10, folder 7. 


Men and women at a soda shop counterIn many cases, crediting Pratt Institute Archives in an image's caption is acceptable. Check with the archivist if you are not sure. 

Example: Civardi, Walter. [Parties.]  [1935-1950.] Pratt Institute Archives Image Collection, Pratt Institute Archives. Artstor,


Works of Art and Artifacts

When citing artifacts and artworks, make sure to credit the artist or creators and note the medium. 

Mabel Cambell. A Domestic Science Man. Cyanotype, 1900. Records of the School of Home Economics, Pratt Institute Archives.

Audio Visual Materials

undefinedWhen citing films or other types of A/V material, include the director and entity that created the film as well as the date and location.

Frame from Pratt Puts It On, 1981. Produced by Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY. Pratt Institute Libraries 16mm Collection. 

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