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Graduate Thesis Submission Guide

The Libraries' requirements and advice for graduate theses.

Title Page

The title page will be the first page(s) of your thesis. It contains information about your degree program and approval committee.

Each graduate department has unique title page formatting requirements. They must be adhered to in order for your thesis to be approved. For your convenience, we have created a Title Page Generator as well as templates (see below).

The button below will take you to our Title Page Generator. This will help you prepare your title page with all the necessary information as a PDF.

You can add your generated title page PDF to your thesis document using Adobe Acrobat. Learn how to merge PDFs using Adobe Acrobat. Pratt students can install Adobe Acrobat (and Creative Cloud) on their personal computer for free, or access the Suite using "Launchpad" on


A note about graduation dates...

Your title page should include the date of your graduation (month and year), not the date you are submitting your thesis. For example:

  • "February" if graduating at the end of Fall Semester.
  • "May" if graduating at the end of Spring Semester.
  • "October" if graduating at the end of Summer Semester.

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