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Thesis Submittal Guide

The libraries' advice and requirements for graduate theses.
May Graduate Thesis Submission Deadline is June 15. Updates regarding remote submission will be posted here.

Thesis Deadlines

January 15 February Graduates
(Fall semester)
June 15 May Graduates
(Spring semester)
Sept 15 October Graduates
(Summer semester)

Individual departments may require students to submit their thesis before the Registrar's Deadlines. You should check with your thesis advisor regarding your department's specific submission date.

The date you will list on the title page for your thesis will be the month and year of your graduation, as listed above.  

How To Submit Your Thesis

So you've finished writing your thesis. Well done!  Here's what to do next

Step 1: Library

  1. Format the file according to the specifications included on this guide. Refer to our thesis title & signature page templates. 

    Go to templates  
  2. Bring at least one copy to the Library.  A second copy may be bound for personal use at no additional charge.

  3. A librarian will look over the thesis and make sure it meets the guidelines.  Theses accepted on weekdays only!

  4. Your department, NOT the Library, approves the content of the thesis.  Once your formatting is accepted, have the Signature Pages signed by your department.

  5. When the thesis is accepted by the Library, you will receive a stamped Thesis Submittal Form to bring to the Bursar and the Registrar.

Step 2: Bursar

  1. Bring your stamped Thesis Submittal Form to the Bursar and pay the $100 thesis submittal fee .

  2. The Bursar will stamp the Thesis Submittal Form, indicating your completion of this requirement.


Myrtle Hall, 6th Floor
Phone: (718) 636-3539

Step 3: Registrar

  1. Bring your stamped Thesis Submittal Form to the Registrar.

  2. The Registrar will sign this form and record that you've completed your thesis.

  3. Keep a copy of the Thesis Submittal Form for your own records.


Myrtle Hall, 6th Floor
Phone: (718) 636-3663

Step 4: After All That


You're done! Now you can relax and wait to hear from the Library as to when your thesis has been bound and entered in Pratt's Catalog. If you ordered a personal copy, you will be told when it is available for pickup.


Late Thesis Policy

The Libraries accepts completed theses submitted after the Registrar's deadline. However, submitting a thesis late may delay graduation. Consult your Academic Department and the Registrar’s Office to addresses issues of lateness.


The primary source of guidance in terms of content, organization, documentation and format is your thesis advisor.


Librarians are also here to help you. We can advise you on research strategies, techniques and sources. We will help you locate materials and arrange access to them. For assistance please contact or visit the Reference Desk (, (718) 636-3704).



Pratt's Writing and Tutorial Center, located on the 1st floor of North Hall, offers one-on-one editorial help. Call (718) 636-3459 for an appointment, or just stop by during scheduled hours. The WTC also offers comprehensive Thesis Assistance.