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Graduate Thesis Submission Guide

The libraries' advice and requirements for graduate theses.

Preparing to Submit

You will need:

  • A PDF copy of your approved thesis. This must be a single file that includes the departmental title pages as the first two pages. (use our thesis title page generator to quickly download) IMPORTANT: Do not include a signature page with authentic signatures in your full-text thesis document. 
  • Abstract. An abstract is a short paragraph (150-200 words) that distills the intention of your thesis. Please see the Purdue OWL guide for general guidance on writing an abstract. Looking for examples? (Thesis Example, Thesis Example 2, Thesis Example 3)
  • Supplementary files (images, data, etc.) that are an integral part of the dissertation/thesis, but not part of the main body of the thesis text. Images embedded in the full-text PDF will appear as such in the final published version. Signature pages included here will not be made public. Other files will be bundled together as a .zip with your thesis like this example. 
  • Signature page: this page must be signed and included as a separate document in your supplementary files
  • Advisor and other Committee Members' Names
  • Subject Categories - 1 - 3 that best describe your dissertation/thesis' subject area. (Subject Category list PDF file)


  • A list of keywords to help make your thesis more discoverable. Not sure which keywords to use? Try thinking about what your thesis exhibition/paper was about. What unique words would you use to describe it? How would you search for it if you were looking for it on Google? It's okay to use single words or phrases. 


Submitting Your Thesis

  1. Create an account on Pratt's ProQuest ETD site
  2. Read and accept ProQuest's Publishing agreement
  3. Read and accept Pratt's Publishing agreement
  4. Determine if you wish to put your thesis under an embargo. For more information about embargoes, please see this guide: Discoverability, Embargo, and the Scholarly Conversation
  5. Enter your contact information, including a non-Pratt email address.
  6. Enter your thesis' title, abstract, your degree information, subject categories and keywords, and your thesis committee's information.
  7. Upload your thesis PDF document. Make sure your PDF file conforms to ProQuest's standards*ProQuest asks you to upload additional copyright documents at this time. Please see our guide Copyright and Your Thesis for information on obtaining copyright documents*
  8. Upload any supplemental files, including your signed signature page.
  9. Determine whether you want ProQuest to register copyright of your thesis on your behalf. This costs $75 and is optional.
  10. Order bound copies of your thesis if you wish. This is optional.
  11. Submit your thesis! If there are any errors with your thesis submission, a library staff member will contact you to correct them. Congratulations!

Video Walkthrough

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