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Graduate Thesis Submission Guide

The Libraries' requirements and advice for graduate theses.

Text Formatting

  • Margins
    • 1" on all sides;
    • All thesis body content must be within the margins. Page numbers and headers do not need to be inside the margins.
  • Layout
    • Letter size (8.5" by 11");
    • Portrait or Landscape orientation.

Document Organization

The elements within your document should follow the order listed below.

Note: Every thesis submitted for approval must include the *REQUIRED elements. All others are optional depending on your project and departmental requirements. Check with your thesis advisor to confirm what should be included with your thesis.

1. Title Page(s) (refer to formatting guidelines)  *REQUIRED

2. Acknowledgments

3. Table of Contents

4. List of Illustrations

5. Text / Content *REQUIRED

6. Bibliography

7. Appendices

8. List of Works Exhibited

9. List of Multimedia Files or Digital Documents Included

PDF Requirements

Your thesis should be submitted as a single PDF file. ProQuest requires that students follow these guidelines:

More information: ProQuest ETD Process FAQ


Each department has a specific template for the thesis title page, which you can find here.

Note: These templates represent what is acceptable to the Libraries. Check with your department in case of special requirements.

Graduation Date

The title page of your thesis should state the date of your graduation (month and year), not the date you are submitting your thesis. For example:

  • "February" if graduating at the end of Fall Semester.
  • "May" if graduating at the end of Spring Semester.
  • "October" if graduating at the end of Summer Semester.

Submission Process

Once your document has been formatted appropriately and has been approved by your advisor(s)/department, you can prepare for submission. The steps for submission can be found here: Submitting Your Thesis

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