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Graduate Thesis Submission Guide

The Libraries' requirements and advice for graduate theses.

Library Services

Campus Services

There are many offices at Pratt that can help you (directly or indirectly) as you navigate writing your thesis! Find information on these offices and their contact information here.

The Learning/Access Center provides comprehensive academic support services to all Pratt students who are working toward academic success. At the L/AC students have the opportunity to work with professional and/or peer academic coaches and tutors. Academic coaching includes time management, study skills, reading skills and brainstorming for projects. Learn about the accommodations and services the L/AC offers  by clicking here.

  • Reach the L/AC by phone at 718.802.3123.
  • Reach the L/AC by email at
  • L/AC hours are Monday–Thursday, 9 AM–6 PM; Friday 9 AM–5 PM.

The Writing and Tutorial Center (WTC) offers one-on-one tutoring sessions with experienced academic professionals. These hour-long appointments generally begin with a conversation between you and the tutor regarding your goals, the specifics of your assignment, and your concerns. Please note, the WTC is not an editing or proofreading service. Do not expect your tutor to simply make grammatical corrections on your paper and then give it back to you. Tutors are there to help guide you through your writing, but you must be fully engaged in the process and make any changes to your work yourself, pen-in-hand, during the session. For more information, check out the WTC FAQ by clicking here

  • Reach the WTC by phone at 718.636.3459
  • Reach the WTC by email at
  • WTC hours are Monday–Thursday 10 AM–8PM; Friday 10 AM–5 PM.

The Counseling Center offers confidential counseling services to all enrolled Pratt students by licensed mental health professionals. When you contact Counseling Services, you will be offered the earliest appointment available. Following an initial assessment, short-term individual therapy or group therapy with one of our staff therapists may be recommended; alternatively, a staff therapist may determine that your needs would be best served by a referral to an off-campus treatment provider. Staff therapists will try their best to accommodate your service requests but ultimately must use their professional judgment to determine the most appropriate treatment plan for you. The Counseling Center has compiled resources on stress relief self-help that you can view by clicking here

  • Reach the Counseling Center by phone at 718.687.5356 (you can call this number 24/7)
  • Reach the Counseling Center by email at

Mindful Pratt is a collective group made up of faculty, staff, students, and alumni from across the Institute. Their goal is to build greater awareness of mindfulness initiatives around the Pratt campus. Browse their offerings by clicking here

The Pratt Institute Resilience, Wellness and Well-Being Project is focused on connection, engagement, support, and well-being. It highlights departmental programs and the cross institute leadership that provides the inspiration and support for existing and new initiatives, and serves as a resource for everyone seeking to improve individual and community resilience, wellness and well-being. Browse the resources compiled by this project by clicking here

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