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Open Educational Resources (OER)

A guide defining Open Educational Resources (OER), including information on finding, evaluating, and creating OER, with additional resources for using OER to support Open Pedagogy.

Examples of Co-Created OER

Examples of OER co-creation with students:

Example of open pedagogy practices: 

  • Anna Andrzejewski - Art History professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison - outlines the assignments building to the co-creation of an open textbook about houses built by Frank Lloyd Wright in Madison

  • Robin DeRosa’s process of syllabus co-creation with students for a first year seminar course

Assignments as OER

OER practices extend beyond adopting and/or remixing textbooks and can include integration of open assignments into existing courses or sharing created assignments with other open practitioners. Though sharing an assignment may not be the most obvious form of OER, assignments are fully consistent with the OER paradigm. Assignments can be reused, remixed, and openly shared within academic networks or more broadly with the wider digital public.

The following assignment libraries provide both assignment resources and inspiration for open assignments:

Pearlescent blue and teal plastic tile with a hexagon cut out from the tile. Separate hexagon sits in foreground with tile behind it.

"Sensitile Jali Cascata with Cut Out Hexagon" from the Material Lab at Pratt Institute's ArtStor Public Collection.