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Open Educational Resources (OER)

A guide defining Open Educational Resources (OER), including information on finding, evaluating, and creating OER, with additional resources for using OER to support Open Pedagogy.

Understanding Copyright

Understanding the basics of copyright is critical to engaging with OER as learners and content creators. Visit Pratt Institute Library’s Copyright Resources page for a helpful summary of core copyright principles.

OER and Creative Commons

OERs are licensed under Creative Commons (CC), allowing the original creator to receive their rightful credit while at the same time enabling others to easily incorporate OER content into their scholastic journeys. Below you will find each license and its corresponding symbols along with a brief description. Click the image below to enlarge it and study it in detail! 

Six boxes, each outlined in light blue. Each box holds a different CC license and an explanation of what each one means.

You can also visit the Creative Commons "About CC Licenses" webpage for even more information on the licenses!

Creative Commons Attributions

Understanding what CC Licenses means is the first step in being able to correctly attribute materials licensed using CC. Correctly attributing OERs to their creators is vital to using these resources correctly, especially considering correct attribution is often the only requirement for using these resources cost-free. Much like citations, CC attributions take practice to perfect. We recommend studying the Wiki webpage "Best Practices for Attribution" to see in-depth examples of correct and incorrect CC attributions. If you have any further clarifying questions, reach out to our reference librarians who are happy to help!