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Making LibGuides

How To Make Good Research Guides

Publishing Checklist

Style Rules

  • Side Navigation view is turned on
  • Your guide has assigned subjects & tags 
  • Fonts, colors, and styles are standard (no custom font sizes or colors)
  • Text that was copied-and-pasted into the guide conforms to style (remove formatting)
  • All boxes, pages, and guide titles are named simply and clearly
  • Profile Box is used on the left sidebar of every page
  • every page has a friendly URL
  • every page uses proper names for the libraries, resources, and services
  • content adheres to tone guidelines


  • Images have appropriate alt-text. See WebAim's Guide to alt-text.
  • Step-by-step directions or processes are presented as numbered lists
  • Linked text is descriptive (eg. not “click here” or “more”). See Writing Hyperlinks.
  • Links do not open in new tabs unless it is necessary. See Opening Links in New Browser Windows and Tabs.
  • Headings for sections clearly describe what the user will find in that section. (Heading 3 is used to subdivide boxes)
  • Colors are not used to convey meaning. Use the Colorblind Web Page Filter to test the page.
  • Text and images of text have a contrast ratio of at least 4.5:1. Use WAVE or the WCAG Contrast Checker Firefox plugin to test the page.
  • Transcripts and captions are provided with audio and video media respectively.
  • all media players have volume controls.
  • media players are not set to play automatically when the page loads.
  • Your LibGuides page does not show any errors when you search the url in the WAVE Accessibility Evaluation Tool

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