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Game Collection

A guide to the Pratt Institute Libraries' video and board game collection!

Games at the Library!

hands holding a nintendo switch

Pratt's library has a growing collection of video games, consoles, and board games which students can borrow. You can search the game collection and learn about the borrowing process below, or begin browsing the collection using the navigation bar on the left.

Be sure to also check out Pratt's libguide on Game Arts & Game Design!

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Borrowing Game Consoles & Video Games

Consoles and video games can be borrowed from the Equipment Loan Office, located on the lower level of Pratt's Brooklyn campus library.

  • Consoles and video games can be borrowed for 1 week, and renewed for 1 week after that.
  • Late fees for consoles and video games are $5.00 per item per day.
  • Pratt library has a non-circulating PlayStation 5 located on the lower level. Patrons can reserve time at the Viewing/Gaming station using the button below:
Book Gaming Station!

Staff Picks: Video Games

Retro Classics

a space warrior in red armor on a yellow background
a soldier in a bandana
sonic the hedgehog on hang glider
mario flying while wearing a racoon tail and ears
a city street scene
earthworm jim
a zombie looking over its shoulder
megaman and enemies
a boxer in front of a background of flames
a snowboarder soars over the viewer
a man in a headband punches a man in a denim vest
a martial arts warrior
a pixelated biker

Wild Box Art

truly indescribable
a cartoon kidd surrounded by monsters
musclebound vest-wearing warriors brawl in the street
a cool boy on a skateboard
a man carries a spaceship while a giant woman looks on
fantasy warriors
a sorceress and dragon
a cartoon knight battles monsters
a burning clown head in front of a demolition derby
two men fighting
soldiers fight a giant robot
a man with a flaming sword
a martial arts battle
a martial artist strikes an intimidating pose

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