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Healthy Love Week 2021

Consent—It's Vital!

Content Warning: Some of the pieces linked out to in this section contain discussion of sexual assault/violence.

Consent is an integral part of any healthy sexual, romantic, or even platonic relationship. For more information on what sexual consent is, how to ask for consent, and how to know if you have consent, check out this webpage by Planned Parenthood. For information on the importance of platonic consent, check out this OpEd in The Link. Finally, for information on why it’s crucial to talk to kids about consent and their bodily agency, click on this piece from Harvard’s Graduate School of Education

Two peppers, an eggplant, a banana, and a cucumber, all with condoms on, sit on a pink background.

Sexual Health Resources

  • Dating and sex during COVID-19 are hard to navigate! NYC Health has put together a "Safer Sex and COVID-19" document to help you navigate sex (more) safely. 
  • Usually, NYC Health can provide free safer sex products. However, due to overwhelming demand, they are in short supply. You can visit this page to check when free safer sex products might be available as well as view a map of stores currently open who sell safer sex products. 
  • When you're sexually active, it's important to get tested for sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including HIV, regularly. The NYC Sexual Health Clinics continue to provide low- to no-cost services for STIs, including HIV. Anyone who is 12 or older can receive walk-in services, regardless of immigration status. No parental consent is necessary. If you do not have health insurance or cannot pay the sliding scale fee, you can still get services. Click here to find a NYC Sexual Health Clinic near you!

    • For more information on HIV and HIV testing in NYC, click here.

    • For more information on STIs, click here

  • For even more information on sexual health as well as general health, check out this resource list by Healthy Pratt.