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Healthy Love Week 2021

Mental Health Resources

Taking care of your mental health is just as important as taking care of your physical health! If you find yourself in need of talking to a mental health professional during these exceedingly strenuous times, please reach out to someone. Below are resources for finding mental health professionals who will be happy to hear from you as well as a few resources to engage in acts of wellness and mindfulness.

Eggs drawn as different emotions

  • The Pratt Counseling Center has licensed therapists who are here to help! Please note that due to recent health advisories from New York City and State, the Counseling Center will be conducting all visits remotely through telehealth videoconferencing. In addition to scheduling an appointment at the link above, you can also browse Counseling Center resources on Stress Relief Self-Help and Suicide Prevention.

  • If you’re not in New York City and would prefer to connect with a therapist closer to you, check out Psychology Today’s Therapist Search. You can use filters to narrow down your search to find therapists who accept your insurance, who speak languages other than English, who share the same faith as you, and much more! (For US-based therapists only.)

  • Mindful Pratt is a collective group made up of faculty, staff, students, and alumni from across the institute. Their goal is to build greater awareness of Mindfulness initiatives around the Pratt Campus. Visit their website for mindfulness activities as well as a schedule of weekly mindfulness drop-in exercises.

  • The Pratt Institute Resilience, Wellness and Well-Being Project  focuses on connection, engagement, support, and well-being. It highlights departmental programs and the cross institute leadership that provides the inspiration and support for existing and new initiatives, and serves as a resource for everyone seeking to improve individual and community resilience, wellness and well-being. Visit their webpage for more Pratt-specific resources.