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Healthy Love Week 2021

Blind Date with a Book Quiz

Having trouble picking which book to read this Healthy Love Week? Take our Buzzfeed quiz to match up with one of the books listed below! Click here to access the quiz.

A small red heart lies on the pages of an open book.

Books in the Pratt Collection

Books in the Brooklyn Public Library Collection

How to Access Brooklyn Public Library Resources

Brooklyn Public Library is currently offering free e-Cards to residents of New York State. Simply fill out a brief e-Card Application to access BPL's online collection of e-books, audiobooks, online databases, and more. 

Once your application is approved, an account number and PIN will be sent to your email address. 

Pratt students currently living outside New York State can apply for a free in-state e-card by doing the following: 

--Email using your Pratt email address

--Use "in-state library card" as the subject line

--Explain that you are a Pratt Institute student currently out of state

--Attach a photo of your ID

--Attach a photo of your Pratt ID. If you can't locate your Pratt ID, attach some document from Pratt that shows you are a registered Pratt student

--Include your first name and last name

--BPL's Circulation Department will respond in a few days. They will send you a card and a barcode.


For more information on how to access public library resources from NYPL, BPL, and QPL, visit our Unlocking Local Public Library Collections Guide