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A guide for all users to get the most out of our ebook collection.

About the Collection

With Pratt's move to an online learning environment, we have worked with academic publishers to provide expanded access to online-only content like ebooks, journals, videos, and more. Find a list of these new resources here.

As a member of the Pratt Institute Libraries, you have access to thousands of ebooks spanning a wide range of subjects. This guide is here to help introduce you to the databases that house these ebooks and get you started using the tools they offer.

Highlights from the Ebook Collection

Quick Guide to eBook Formats

  • ePUB
    • You may be asked to download the free Adobe Digital Editions software in order to be able to open and read ePUB files on your personal device.
  • PDF
    • PDFs will be the most common format of eBooks available via our databases. They will either open in the browser or automatically download to your device.

Other formats you may come across from non-database sources are AZW, Amazon's proprietary format, and MOBI, which is also used by some older Kindles and other PDA technology.

Logging In from Off-Campus

Accessing ebooks and databases from non-Pratt networks is easy! We use a proxy sever that allows you to use these resources while you are off-campus. Search the catalog as you would normally and when you are redirected to the login page, just sign in using your Pratt OneKey.

Having trouble logging on? Here are some possible solutions.

  • I'm unable to sign in.
    • This is usually due to an expired OneKey. Make sure you can log in to myPratt to check that your OneKey is still valid. If you've forgotten your OneKey or need to change it, visit this page.
  • It looks like I can sign in successfully, but my browser times out and I can't get to the resource.
    •  The proxy server we use redirects you to the electronic resources. Some networks, especially corporate or school networks, prohibit this type of redirection as a safety precaution. Try accessing the resources from a home or personal network.
  • The resource site looks weird, doesn't load completely, or keeps giving me a "session expired" error.
    • Your browser keeps cookies that identify you as a unique user. Some databases aren't very good at understanding that you're coming back and they will try to re-start your old session, which can lead to error messages. The only way to solve this is to clear your browser's cookies and cache.

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