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Reserve Guidelines

Reserves Process

Due to issues around campus access and public health, the libraries will not put print books or DVDs on reserve for use in the library during the Spring 2021 semester.  We remain committed to making information available to classes through other means.   

  1. Assisting with embedding links to electronic articles and e-books in the LMS.  Instructions can be found here: .   
  2. Scanning print articles:  Within the results from the library website’s main search box, you may click on the “Request a PDF Scan” button, and library staff will scan articles that are available within our print periodicals.  Scanning requests are processed on a first come, first serve basis and we cannot guarantee that last-minute requests can be accommodated. 

  3. Scanning chapters from print books:  When viewing the record for a print book within the library catalog, clicking on the “Request a PDF Scan” button will give you the option of requesting a scan of a book chapter, or of the table of contents so that you can select a chapter for scanning.

  4. Limited scanning of books under principles of copyright and fair use: If a required book is not available in electronic editions, we can scan multiple chapters or entire books, following Pratt Institute’s statement of Copyright and Fair Use during COVID-19. Follow the instructions above to place a scan request.

  5. Video Content: We are making as many titles as we can available through our streaming video collections and links to these videos can be embedded in the LMS. In cases where the Library has a DVD but we are unable to make the title available on streaming, we can create video clips and post them to PrattTalks or faculty can borrow the DVDs directly from the Library. Requesting new titles or clips will require a two-week turnaround. For more information, contact



Your departmental liaison librarian is ready to help you locate electronic versions of course materials, or to assist with strategizing other options to provide the materials you need to teach effectively.  Contact information for our liaison librarians can be found here.  

Any questions about reserve services may be directed to the Reserves staff email address at   Email questions about other library services to and we will be glad to assist.