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Film and Video Collections

The film and video collections of the Pratt Institute Libraries encompass DVDs, BluRays, videos, 16mm films and streaming video subscriptions and are available to circulate in Visual and Multimedia Resources (VMR)

This Week's Theme

Each week, we feature items from our collections which correspond to a theme chosen by our staff! To see the complete collection, follow us on Instagram @PrattSpecialCollections!

Have a great summer everyone! Our weekly themes will resume in the fall semester!

Summer Hours on Streaming

Chronicle of a Summer

The fascinating result of a collaboration between filmmaker-anthropologist Jean Rouch and sociologist Edgar Morin, this vanguard work of what Morin termed "cinema-verite" is a brilliantly conceived and realized sociopolitical diagnosis of the early sixties in France.

Simply by interviewing a group of Paris residents in the summer of 1960--beginning with the provocative and eternal question "Are you happy?" and expanding to political issues, including the ongoing Algerian War--Rouch and Morin reveal the hopes and dreams of a wide array of people, from artists to factory workers, from an Italian emigre to an African student. CHRONICLE OF A SUMMER's penetrative approach gives us a document of a time and place with extraordinary emotional depth.

Screenshot from "Chronicle of a Summer"

Summer Hours on DVD

Summer Hours on 16mm

All Summer in a Day

Captures the story about a group of children who live on a planet where the sun shines only once a year. Jealousy leads one of the children to deprive another of seeing the sun when it appears. By the time the other children learn of the incident, it is too late as the rain has begun to fall again.

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