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Film and Video Collections

The film and video collections of the Pratt Institute Libraries encompass DVDs, BluRays, videos, 16mm films and streaming video subscriptions and are available to circulate in Visual and Multimedia Resources (VMR)

This Week's Theme

Each week, we feature items from our collections which correspond to a theme chosen by our staff! To see the complete collection, follow us on Instagram @PrattSpecialCollections!

It's almost Diwali! We're celebrating early with all our favorite Indian films!

Bollywood on Streaming

Tunnu Ki Tina


A very simple story of a Chaal in Bombay. A young boy with his fantasies for college girls and life. A college stylo, a silent lover and neighbour. Sometimes very sweet moments of affection and a few times, drama of a typical middle class family.

Use the link above to watch this film off campus!

Bollywood on DVD

Bollywood on 16mm

The Sword and the Flute

Uses Indian music and Moghul and Rajput miniature paintings in presenting four facets in the the thinking of India: the courtly life during the reign of the Turkoman Muslim conqueror Emperor Akbar; the saintly life of the yogin and the respect shown the true ascetic; the spiritual meaning of romantic love between man and woman; and the adored divine bridegroom, which is one of the symbols as represented by the Lord Krishna.