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Film and Video Collections

The film and video collections of the Pratt Institute Libraries encompass DVDs, BluRays, videos, 16mm films and streaming video subscriptions and are available to circulate in Visual and Multimedia Resources (VMR)

This Week's Theme

Each week, we feature items from our collections which correspond to a theme chosen by our staff!

This week we're going to be screening films about cats!

Cats on Streaming

Big CatsFilm still of a lion from "Big Cats"

Documentary following ultimate cat species from around the world, from the lions of Tanzania - the only cat species to live in groups - to the tiny rusty spotted cat of Sri Lanka, 200 times smaller than a lion but just as curious. The film also peeks into the secret lives of the Canada lynx, which lives further north than any cat, and follows an African leopard and mother, which for a decade has worn a radio collar allowing scientists to follow every twist and turn of her existence.

Cats on DVD

Cats on 16mm

Katura and the Cat

An animated Halloween fairy tale of a young girl who defeats an evil forest witch, rescues a prince from an imprisoning enchantment, and finds true love.