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Fine Arts

This guide will help you do research related to the fine arts & offers MFA thesis help.

Books on Writing About Art

Click on a book image or link to view its PrattCat record--this will help you determine its location & availability.

Title & Signatures Pages for MFA Theses

MFA theses submited to the Pratt Libraries need to be accompanied by appropriately formatted Title and Signatures pages. Click on links below to view samples.

MFA thesis options:

   (1) MFA Thesis

   (2) MFA with Art History Minor

   (3) Joint MS in History of Art & Design and MFA

The MFA thesis requires three departmental signatures:

   (a) Major Professor

   (b) Advisor for Corollary Statement

   (c) Department Chair

Libraries' Thesis Help

The Pratt Libraries provide information on researching, formatting as well as submitting the MFA thesis.

Information on formatting & submiting your thesis can be located in multiple spots:

     The Libraries' Graduate Theses info

     The Pratt Libraries' Graduate Thesis Guide

     The Libraries' Thesis Guide PDF, which you can view & print

Thesis Writing Help

The Writing and Tutorial Center (WTC) at Pratt wants to help you with your thesis. 

The Tutoring Topics page of the WTC states, "If you intend to attend thesis tutoring, you must apply specifically for it, and you also must start tutoring before halfway through the semester."

Get Research Help

Librarians at Pratt want to help you with your research :)  Here's how to contact us: