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Special Collections Images

In addition to its digital, slide, and picture collections, the Visual Resources Center maintains a number of special collections related to the history of art and design.

Naomi Leff Collection

Concept Board for Armani Jeans by Naomi LeffNaomi Leff graduated from Pratt Institute in 1973 with a degree in Enivornmental and Interior Design.  She launched her own company in 1980 and had her major career-making moment in 1982 when she began working with Ralph Lauren on his Ralph Lauren Home Collection.  Her office was very successful, and she worked on numerous retail, residential, and office projects, often for celebrities and other notable figures.  The collection is comprised of the image records created in the day-to-day operation of her office and consists of over 9,000 images in a variety of formats.  The collection is housed in the Brooklyn Campus of the Pratt Insistute Libraries and managed by the Visual Resources Center.  For more information about the collection, please contact

Image Credit: Concept Board for Armani Jeans. Naomi Leff Collection, Pratt Institute Libraries. © Pratt Institute Libraries

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