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Fat Studies


This guide presents resources relating to the academic field of Fat Studies. This page presents an overview on Fat Studies and some guiding resources from the collection. Three additional pages have resources focusing on Fat Liberation and Activism, Fatness and Intersectionality, Anti-Fat Bias, and Reflections on Fatness. Finally, a Glossary includes some frequently used terms in fat studies and fat activist spaces.

“Fat Studies is a post-disciplinary field of study that centres the fat body and lived experiences of fat people. Fat Studies scholars identify and discuss mainstream and alternative discourses on fatness, analyze size as a social justice issue at the intersection of oppression, and critically appraise size oppression as it is manifested in various societal institutions (medicine, media, education, etc).”

(Taylor, Cat Pausé, Sonya Renee. “Fattening up Scholarship.” The Routledge International Handbook of Fat Studies, Routledge, 2021, pp. 1–18,

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A note on the word "Fat"

“In fat studies, there is respect for the political project of reclaiming the word fat, both as the preferred neutral adjective (i.e., short/tall, young/old, fat/thin) and also as a preferred term of political identity. There is nothing negative or rude in the word fat unless someone makes the effort to put it there; using the word fat as a descriptor (not a discriminator) can help dispel prejudice.”

(Wann, Marilyn. “Foreword: Fat Studies: An Invitation to Revolution.” The Fat Studies Reader, New York University Press, 2009, pp. ix–xxvi.

Introductory Books

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