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Faculty Library Guide

What new faculty need to know about the libraries

Find Your Library Liaison

Librarians are assigned to subjects based on their backgrounds and expertise. In addition to selecting materials for each department's needs, library liaisons work closely with faculty, staff, and students in their departments to deliver customized instruction and reference services. If you're new to Pratt, your librarian would love to hear from you and learn more about your courses and research interests.

School of Art

Art & Design Education  Alex Austin
Associate Degrees Harsh Taggar
Creative Arts Therapy Missy Brown
Creative Enterprise Leadership Harsh Taggar
Digital Arts and Animation  Cheryl Costello
Film/Video Matt Garklavs
Fine Arts  Cheryl Costello
Foundation Alex Austin
Photography    Cheryl Costello

School of Design

Communications Design                                                     Cheryl Costello
Fashion  Cheryl Costello
Foundation Alex Austin
Industrial Design  Maggie Portis
Interior Design  Maggie Portis

School of Information

Library and Information Science Matt Garklavs
Museums and Digital Culture Matt Garklavs
Data Analytics and Visualization Matt Garklavs
Information Experience Design Matt Garklavs

School of Liberal Arts & Sciences

History of Art & Design Amy Ballmer
Humanities and Media Studies Holly Wilson
Writing Holly Wilson
Mathematics & Science Alex Austin
Social Science and Cultural Studies Alex Austin

School of Architecture

Architecture     Maggie Portis
Urban & Community Planning Maggie Portis
Construction Management Harsh Taggar
Facilities Management  Amy Ballmer
Historic Preservation Maggie Portis
Landscape Architecture Maggie Portis
Real Estate Practice Harsh Taggar
Sustainable Environmental Systems Maggie Portis
Urban Design  Maggie Portis
Urban Placemaking and Management   Maggie Portis


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