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Faculty Library Guide

What new faculty need to know about the libraries

Interlibrary Loan

What is it?

If Pratt doesn't have the book or article you need, we can probably still get it for you through Interlibrary Loan (ILL). When Pratt doesn't have an item, we'll request it from another library and have it sent to the campus library of your choice.

How does it work?

1. Verify that we don't have the item by using PrattCat to search for books by title or articles by periodical title.

2. Place a request using our online ILL form.

3. You'll receive an email when the item has been received. For most articles, you'll receive a link to the PDF of the file. For physical books, they'll be held at the reference desk for you.

4. Return the item by the date specified. The lending periods may differ from your standard loan period and the length of the loan is determined by the library that sent us the item.

Is there a cost?

No. This service is free for faculty, staff, and students. Other patron types are not eligible for this service.

How long can I keep the item? Can I renew it?

The length of the loan is determined by the library that owns the item. It's often 30 days. We will contact the lending library and attempt to renew it for only 1 additional loan period. Whether renewals are granted is entirely up to the lending library.

Are late fees the same as other items I borrow from Pratt?

No. Late fees are $5.00 per day for all patrons. There is nothing we can do to change fines assessed for interlibrary loan items since we do not own the items.

ILL for Faculty

Do faculty have special ILL privileges?

No. While Pratt extends extra privileges to faculty members for our own items, we have no control over loan periods, renewals, or fees for items owned by other libraries.

Can I request an item via ILL for course reserves?

No. Items received via ILL are for personal use only. We do make every reasonable effort to acquire items that are used for courses. If you would like to place an item on course reserves that we do not own, fill out our Suggest a Purchase form and specify that the item is for course reserves. You can also contact your Library Liaison.

Can faculty renew items borrowed through ILL?

Sometimes. We will contact the lending institution for you to ask for a renewal. Many libraries will grant one renewal.

Is there a limit to the number of items faculty can borrow through ILL?

All patrons are limtied to 20 ILL requests per week.

Who do I contact about ILL requests?

For Brooklyn, you can contact the reference desk or email

For Manhattan, you can contact or 212-647-7547