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Artstor For Faculty

A guide for faculty to get the most out of Artstor's tools and services.

Sharing Images with Your Students Using Folders and Image Groups

By setting up groups, you can easily share images with your students.  These folders can either be password-protected or available to anyone at Pratt and can be viewed on a computer or a mobile device.

Public groups available to anyone at Pratt should be named with the following convention: Instructor Name, Course Name, Course Number (if applicable), e.g. Bauman - Art History Survey HA 115.  This will make it easier for students to locate folders.

To learn more about sharing and managing folders, go to the Groups Overview section of the Artstor Help Wiki.

Sharing Artstor Images Through the LMS

Integrating Artstor and the LMS is as easy as copying a link to an image group and adding it to your course. 

With both Artstor and the LMS open in different tabs or windows, follow the steps below.

In  Artstor

1) Log in to ArtStor

2) Go to the Find Menu, select Browse Image Groups, and open the image group you would like to share

3) Go to the Share Menu and select Generate Image Group URL

4) You will be given the option to copy a url or an HTML hyperlink for either the Image Viewer or the Thumbnail View of the image group

5) Select either the Image Viewer URL or the Thumbnail page URL and copy all of the code in that field

In the LMS

1) Open your course

2) Turn editing on under the Administration menu

3) Locate the week to which you would like to add the link and select Link to a File or Website from the Add a Resource pull-down

4) On the Adding a New Resource page name the link with something like "Images Week 2" and paste the URL you just copied from Artstor into the Location field below the text editing area.

5) Scroll to the bottom of the page and press the Save and Return to Course button

6) The link will appear on the course outline for that week, and when students click on it the image group will launch in a new window

For more information about linking to image groups, go to the Linking page in the Artstor Help Wiki.

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