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Pop-Up Book Collection

The Pratt Institute Libraries has an extensive collection of pop up books spanning from the 1960s to the present.

Books on Origami

The Pratt Libraries have lots of books on origami. Listed are a handful of books to orient you to our collection!

Click on a book image or link to view its PrattCat record--this will help you determine its location & availability.

Origami Video

This stop-motion animation featuring origami is by British animator Dan Britt, member of the London-based collective This Is It. The video is part of a campaign by the WMD Awareness Programme of the UK, an organization dedicated to raising awareness about nuclear weapons.

Origami & Pop-Ups

Many contemporary pop-up artists were trained in origami. The Pratt Institute Libraries have tons of resources on origami and other forms of paper-based art forms.

"The secret to productivity in so many fields — and in origami — is letting dead people do your work for you.” (Robert Lang)