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Pop-Up Book Collection

The Pratt Institute Libraries has an extensive collection of pop up books spanning from the 1960s to the present.

Books on Paper Arts

The Pratt Libraries have lots of books on paper art and engineering. Listed are a handful of books to orient you to our collection!

Click on a book image or link to view its PrattCat record--this will help you determine its location & availability.

Paper Art Master: Irving Harvard

The article, "Paper Wizard: Mid-Century's Modern's Unsung Visionary Gets His Due," from Collector's Weekly contains great images and information about Irving Harvard's paper art.

Recommended Web Sites

There are many talented artists and designers working with paper for artistic and commercial purposes. Included in this list are organizations related to the papers arts.

Paper Engineering Research

The Complexity of a Pop-up Book article by Ryuuhei Uehara & Teramoto Sachio

Electronic Popables: Exploring Paper-based Computing Through an Interactive Pop-up Book by Jie Qi and Leah Buechley

Folding and Unfolding (dissertation) by Erik Demaine

Next Stop Pop-Ups: The Influence of Paper Engineering on Visual Media by Bernadette Puleo

Virtual Pop-up Book Based on Augmented Reality (conference paper) presented in 2007 at HCI International

Books on Paper Engineering

Other Pop-Uppery

Brooklyn Pops Up, a tour of Brooklyn with some of the greatest paper artists.

The Pop-Up Lady gives a great overview of the history of pop-up books and moveable paper.

Check out the Smithsonian's Paper Engineering exhibit.

Make your own pop-up with author and artist Matthew Reinhart.