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Architecture Research

A guide to resources and research in Architecture

Looking for Plans?

This page is designed to help with your search for architectural plans. Here at Pratt Institute Libraries, we subscribe to leading databases within the field of architecture where you can find what you're looking for. Additionally, we collect many print materials that include architectural plans and drawings. If you need any assistance finding plans, remember that we can assist with your research via our live chat and on Zoom. Sometimes finding plans can be challenging but the Library is here for you at all stages of the research process.

View of the Barragan House from outside.First floor plan of the Barragan House.

(Barragán, Luis. 1940-1943. Barragan House.
Barragán, Luis. 1940-1943. Barragan House. Barragán, Luis. 1940-1943.


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