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Architecture Research

A guide to resources and research in Architecture

Finding Articles

Between our print collections and online database subscriptions, Pratt has access to many periodicals (e.g., magazines and journals) that can help you in your research. Periodicals are publications that are published in a series, or periodically--like newspapers, magazines, journals, and newsletters. They primarily contain articles, which can be great resources for finding information on specific topics. 

Our databases will help you locate relevant publications and details about articles in periodicals. They can lead you either to the full-text article online or the catalog information for the print counterpart at the library.

Useful Databases

Pratt Libraries' catalog lists the books and periodicals in our collection, but it does not list all of the chapters or articles they contain. A preliminary search using the Quick Search function is a good first step in the research process, but it won't show everything. This is why it is important to browse our databases directly.

Below is a list of some key databases for researching architecture. Most of these do not appear in a Quick Search.

*Remember to write down an article's citation information (i.e., journal title, volume, issue number, year/month of publication). This will help you find the article in print or electronically and cite it later on.*

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