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Green Resources @ the Library

16mm Green Week Screenings

Since 2014, the Libraries have been hosting an (almost) annual screening from its 16mm collection for Green Week, featuring films about environmental issues dating to the 60s, 70s, and 80s.  Learn more about the 16mm collection, which is available for faculty, staff, and students to use.  Some of the films even circulate!


undefinedTheme: Responses to Nuclear Threat

Frontlines of Freedom (1955) - Animated propaganda film dramatizing the nature of nuclear threat to all countries, especially the North American continent.

Women for America for the World (1985) - Twenty-two prominent American women present a message of hope and a new vision of security against the threat of nuclear war.



undefinedTheme: Environments on Other Planets

Moderator: Ivan Zatz, Associate Professor, Social Science & Cultural Studies

The Visitor (1988) - The story is set on the planet Mars where victims of a dreaded disease called blood rust have been exiled.

All Summer in a Day (1982) - Captures the story about a group of children who live on a planet where the sun shines only once a year.



undefinedTheme: History of Gentrification of Brooklyn

Moderators and Presenters: Ron Shiffman, Professor, Grad Center for Planning and Caitlin Cahill, Associate Professor, Social Science & Cultural Studies

Restoration in Bedford Stuyvesant (1976) - Focuses on efforts using community resources and some outside help to improve the Bedford Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn.

Rebirth of the American City (1976) - Locally produced documentary funded by Brooklyn Union Gas documenting the "back to the city" movement that sought to revitalize Brooklyn in the 1960s and 1970s.

My Brooklyn (2012) - Streaming - This film follows director Kelly Anderson's journey, as a Brooklyn gentrifier, to understand the forces reshaping her neighborhood, with an emphasis on the re-development of the Fulton Mall.


undefinedTheme: Cars, Traffic, and Roadways

Highway (1958) - Experimental film presenting a visual expression of rhythm photographed from behind the wheel of an automobile and using every tempo of speed from slow to fast.

Tommy's First Car (1972) - Father explains to his son how to determine the condition of a used car before buying it.

Memento (1966) - Film employing experimental film techniques showing wrecked cars and behind-the-wheel views of impending accidents to point out the necessity for careful driving.

Superbug (1972) - Stop action film made by a high-school student that shows a little Volkswagon pitting its cleverness, size and flexibility against a mob of gangland monster cars in this "chase" film.

City Corridor (1972) - Film about Paul Rudolph's never-realized design for the Lower Manhattan Expressway.




undefinedTheme: Trash and Waste Disposal

Moderator: Carl Zimring, Professor, Social Science & Cultural Studies

Collection and Disposal: A Job for the Birds (1977) - A sardonic look at the garbage crisis in New York City as seen from the point of view of the men who are responsible for the collection and disposal of the 22,000 tons of waste generated daily by the city.

Legacy: a very short history of natural resources (1979) - Claymation film by Will Vinton showing the evolution of our natural resources--the legacy of a billion years.

Sun, Wind, Water (1977) - Discusses the benefits of solar, wind and water power over hydrocarbons.

How About It? (1972) - Shows, without narration, what children do to clean up America by using litter baskets, picking up trash and disposing of it, etc.