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Fashion Design: Books / PrattCat

Books at Pratt

Click on a book image or link to view its PrattCat record--this will help you determine its location & availability.

PrattCat Search

The Pratt Libraries' offer many books related to fashion design, clothing, costume history and textiles. To search for books at the Pratt Libraries, use the online catalog, PrattCat.

PrattCat can be used to search for the following types of materials: 

   Journals, Magazines & Newspapers (not articles)
   Artists' Books
   Equipment such as cameras & accessories (c/o the VMR Equipment Office)


PrattCat allows you to search for items at both campus libraries, in Brooklyn and Manhattan.  To limit your search to either the Manhattan or Brooklyn Library, you may do so at PrattCat's Advanced Search page.

Google Books Search

Google Books offers different levels of accessibility: (1) no preview available, (2) snippet, limited or full text view. The views for each book are based on copyright and the permissions allowed by the copyright owner of each book. If a book is no longer under copyright, and therefore within the public domain, the full view of the text will be available.  If a publisher grants permission for it, limited view may be available.  Basic information about the book only, no preview available. The best (full-text) results tend to be historical, so this feature is best used for subjects in the humanities. Public domain books can even be downloaded in EPUB and PDF format. 

The Research Process

Help with Research

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