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Interlibrary Loan

How to access interlibrary loan materials through Pratt Institute Libraries.


How long will it take?

Books typically take 2 weeks to arrive but the delivery time depends on where the item is coming from. Copy requests for journal articles and book chapters typically take 3-5 business days. If you need an item sooner, please visit the Reference Desk to find out which local libraries carry the item.


Who may use Pratt ILL services?

Pratt faculty, students and staff in good library standing* may use ILL. All other patron types (Alumni, Friends of the Libraries, and Visiting Researchers) are not eligible for this service and should contact their local public library for assistance.

*Note: Anyone with a pattern of overdue/lost ILL items may not use ILL services.


What can I request through ILL?

Books, journal articles and book chapters that are not owned by or available at the Pratt Libraries can be requested through ILL. E-books, textbooks and entire volumes or issues of periodicals can not be requested.

Theses, dissertations, microfilms, and films (DVDs, VHS) are difficult, but not impossible, to obtain. Speak to an ILL staff person should you need one of these formats.


Can I request an item that is owned by the Pratt Institute Libraries?

Materials that are available at either the Brooklyn or Manhattan campus are not available for loan through ILL. If the item is checked-out, missing, or lost, it can be requested for loan through ILL.


How do I use ILL?

1. Check PrattCat to be sure the Pratt Libraries does not own the item.

2. After you are sure the item is not currently available at  the Pratt Libraries, you can submit an ILL request via the online ILL form or through WorldCat.

3. Library staff will review your request and identify potential libraries to request the item from. If a lender is identified, you will receive an email or phone call when the item arrives.


Do I need to choose which library the ILL will come from?

No. Library staff will contact several libraries and find a lender for your requested item.


How many items can I request?

You may submit 20 ILL requests per week.


How are items delivered?

Books are mailed to the library branch where pick-up was requested. Patrons will be notified via e-mail or phone when an ILL arrives.

Articles will be delivered via e-mail whenever possible.


How long can I keep ILL materials?

Loan periods vary but are typically 2-4 weeks. All loan periods and due dates are set by the lending libraries. Loan periods for ILL items must be followed and respected. Be aware that all borrowed ILL material is subject to recall.


What if I am late returning an ILL item? 

Late fees are $5.00 per day for all patrons. ILL services depend upon the good will and reciprocity of other libraries. Failure to return items on time jeopardizes Pratt’s reciprocal relationship with the libraries that lend to us. Please return your ILL items on time.


Can I renew an ILL?

ILL renewals are made at the discretion of the lending library. If you’d like to renew your ILL item, you must do so prior to the item’s due date, preferably one week before.

Please note that ILL renewals are not guaranteed and if your renewal request is denied you must return your book by it's due date.


Will it cost me to use ILL?

There is no cost to the patron to request ILL items but late fines and fees for damaged or lost books are the responsibility of the borrower. Please note that ILL requests cost the library up $25; therefore patrons should be judicious in making requests.


Where do I pick up and return ILL materials?

Brooklyn ILL request items can be picked-up at the Brooklyn Reference Desk and Manhattan ILL request items can be picked-up at the Manhattan Circulation Desk.

ILL items must be returned to the circulation desk at the library you picked them up at. Please do not return ILL items to books drops, to the reference desk, nor directly to the lending library.



BROOKLYN CAMPUS:, 718-230-6841

MANHATTAN CAMPUS:, 212-647-7547

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