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Creating your WSJ account

Setting up your account is easy! All you need to do is use a valid email address when creating your account via the button below. 

Sign up for a Wall Street Journal Account

Once you've signed up, you can navigate directly to from any web-enabled device (or download the app) and use your new WSJ account to log in.  You won't need go through our database link again.

Already have a personal (paid) WSJ account with your email?

An email address may only be associated with one (paid) subscription at a time. As such, if a patron has an existing WSJ (paid) account with a email, they will need to cancel it first, before it can be associated with the Pratt Institute Libraries Site License. To cancel your subscription please call 1-800-JOURNAL.

Please note that canceling your account may result in the loss of saved articles, newsletters, or personalized account settings.

Once canceled, that will "free up" the email and you can proceed with creating a new account at this page: Create an WSJ Account.


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