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Pratt Institute Sculpture Park


Pratt Institute’s Sculpture Park, one of the largest in New York City, stretches across the 25-acre Brooklyn campus. The Institute’s lush, green lawns and historical buildings provide an excellent backdrop for nearly 60 sculptures. The exhibition is a revolving and evolving one, with most of the work remaining on the campus for several years. Well ­known and emerging artists, faculty, and graduates kindly loan their work to the exhibition, and the park includes a number of commissioned works as well. The result is a sculpture park that enriches our students’ experience of campus life and provides an oasis for the Brooklyn community and the general public as well. 

“Our choices for the Sculpture Park are motivated by a search for the strongest of works, no matter the style. I liken the Sculpture Park to a symphony; our challenge is to bring all of the parts in harmony.” —David Weinrib, Curator/Sculpture Park Creator 1998–2016

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