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Pratt Restaurant Guide

Library staff recommendations for restaurants in the area of both NYC Pratt campuses! Organized by price, heavily biased.

Pratt Restaurant Guide

Welcome to Pratt Institute! If you’re reading this guide, you’re likely visiting Pratt, either to meet up with one of our community members, to tour the Institute, or to attend one of our events. Whatever your reason is for visiting, we made this guide because we love the Clinton Hill, Fort Greene, Bedford-Stuyvesant, and Chelsea neighborhoods– especially the food! The restaurants immediately surrounding both Pratt campuses include a lot of hidden gems, and the staff members who contributed to this guide have a lot of opinions on them.

We’ve organized this list by borough and by price, as Pratt has Brooklyn and Manhattan campuses. We have yet to recommend any restaurants in Manhattan in the $$$ range, but we don't imagine our patrons will need our advice on finding expensive restaurants in Manhattan. $ means entrees cost up to $13 on average, $$ means entrees cost up to $20 on average, and $$$ is higher than that. Most of our recommendations are in the lower price range out of consideration for our guests’ wallets.

We hope to update this guide regularly to make sure that phone numbers and websites stay accurate, and that all of the restaurants we recommend are currently open. But for the sake of transparency, this guide has last been published in July 2023! Feel free to send additional restaurant recommendations to


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