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Library Checklist for Graduating Students

Checklist for Graduating Students

Do you have library books checked out and are you wondering what to do?

If you have library books that you checked out before the campus closure don't worry, we have extended all due dates until the campus reopens and your graduation will not be delayed.

Because these materials are important and needed for other students continuing their education at Pratt, we are requesting your help.

  • If you are planning to be in the New York City area for the foreseeable future, please hold on to your materials and we will be happy to receive them when the campus reopens.

  • For those who have already relocated, or are planning to relocate outside of the New York City area in the coming weeks, please contact us at to discuss your situation and available options for returning your materials.

If you've lost a library book and know that you won't be able to find it, please contact the library at in order to clear your account.If you had previous overdue fines from borrowing library materials, all overdue fines have been waived!

If you have any other questions about library services, materials, or your library account, feel free to contact us at

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