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Diversifying the Curriculum: Information Science

Topic Overview

This resource guide compiles books, journals, and research tips in support of integrating inclusive pedagogical practices and diversifying the curriculum of programs in Library and Information Science. Use the navigation menu on the sidebar to get started.

Demonstrating a commitment to diversity

One of the most important steps toward diversifying the curriculum is to create a plan and make a commitment. As an example, see the statement below from University of Washington's iSchool:

  1. Integrating diversity-related knowledge, skills, and modalities into learning experiences inside and outside the classroom.

    • Identifying and addressing information issues and needs of underserved populations
    • Identifying and addressing global information issues and needs of different nations
    • Enabling access to information and promoting information literacy
    • Organizing information for accessibility and empowerment
    • Designing information systems and products for all members of the community
    • Managing diverse work environments that maximize multiple perspectives
  2. Conducting research in areas that have impact for a diverse population

    • Indigenous systems of knowledge
    • Information needs of marginalized populations
    • Design of adaptive, assistive technology
    • Value-sensitive design
    • Information and communication technology for development
    • Information policy


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