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Digital Humanities

Topic Overview

This guide provides an introduction to the extensive field of Digital Humanities (DH). In addition to sources about DH, this guide provides a curated selection of books, journals, DH organizations, and software for your use. Use the sidebar navigation to get started. 

What is Digital Humanities?

Day of DH: Defining the Digital Humanities is a community publication project sponsored by the University of Alberta under the direction of Geoffrey Rockwell. The quotes below are how some DHers have described digital humanities.

"Using computational tools to do the work of the humanities."
—John Unsworth, University of Illinois, United States

"A term of tactical convenience."
—Matthew Kirschenbaum, University of Maryland, United States

"It is both a methodology and a community."
—Jason Farman, University of Maryland, United States

"When I’m asked, I like to say that digital humanities is just one method for doing humanistic inquiry."
—Brian Croxall, Emory University, United States

You can also visit What Is Digital Humanities for definitions from even more DHers.

DH at Pratt

Visit Digital Humanities @ Pratt to view "inquiries into culture, meaning, and human value meet emerging technologies and cutting-edge skills at Pratt Institute's School of Information."