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Citing Sources

How to cite sources in different formats

Citational Politics

What are Citational Politics?

When talking about citing we often discuss how and when to cite, while who we cite is thought of as naturally emerging from our research, we simply collect the “best” sources for the job. But our decisions around citation are never neutral. Whenever we cite we are making statements about whose labor should be acknowledged and whose voices are valuable.


“Citational Politics are the rules, practices, beliefs, and principles by which we determine how we publicly map the genealogy of our thoughts and inspiration. They [citations] are much more than mere mentions; they determine how our disciplines both value our work and evaluate us as scholars...Citations determine whether we are perceived as academic subjects or objects” - Christen A. Smith and Dominque Garrett-Scott


This page collects resources to assist you in reflecting on the citational politics of your research work.

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