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Diversifying the Curriculum: Information Science

Ways to demonstrate institutional commitment to diversity (from University of Washington ISchool)

  1. Integrating diversity-related knowledge, skills, and modalities into learning experiences inside and outside the classroom.

    • Identifying and addressing information issues and needs of underserved populations
    • Identifying and addressing global information issues and needs of different nations
    • Enabling access to information and promoting information literacy
    • Organizing information for accessibility and empowerment
    • Designing information systems and products for all members of the community
    • Managing diverse work environments that maximize multiple perspectives
  2. Conducting research in areas that have impact for a diverse population

    • Indigenous systems of knowledge
    • Information needs of marginalized populations
    • Design of adaptive, assistive technology
    • Value-sensitive design
    • Information and communication technology for development
    • Information policy

Search Terms

  • LIS education and Diversity
  • Cultural Competence
  • Education
  • Service Learning
  • Information & Knowledge Management
  • Information Policy
  • Information behavior & Retrieval
  • Inclusion
  • Inclusive pedagogy
  • Social Justice
  • Cultural Humility
  • White Fragility
  • Counter-Storytelling
  • international librarianship
  • international archives

Useful Information Science

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