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SUST401 Power, Pollution, and Profit

Journal Articles & Databases

PrattCat is the database to use to find books or periodicals (also called magazines and/or journals) that Pratt Instute Libraries owns. The other databases are used to search for specific articles within journals. Sometimes we will have the articles available in full-text within the database, other times they will be in print. There are also journals and articles you will find in our databases that we do not have access to in full-text or in print. In those cases, you will either want to visit a nearby library to see the article or else request it through InterLibrary Loan. More information on ILL can be found here:

Remember that you can always ask a librarian at the reference desk for help in locating articles.

Some Useful Databases

The library catalog lists books and journals, not the chapters or articles inside them.

To find articles on a particular topic, use electronic databases (periodical indexes).

Make sure you write down the full citation (including Journal title, volume, number, month, year), so that you can find the article within a print or electronic journal and cite it later.

More databases and E-journals