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Sustainable Production Methods

Databases & E-Journals

Pratt Library has print copies of many major Architecture & Design periodicals. Prattcat, the library catalog, lists books and journals, not the chapters or articles inside. 

To find articles in those journals & magazines, search our online databases. Databases contain details about articles in magazines, so it's easy to search for articles relevant to you.

Make sure you write down the full citation (including Journal title, volume, number, month, year), so that you can find the article within a print or electronic journal and cite it later!

Environmental Impact Research

These are some e-resources we subscribe to that may help you find out more about the environmental and social impacts of your materials as well as how those materials are created and manufactured.

Business/Company Research

These resources will give you information about the manufacturer of your product, including any subsidiaries. You can also find information on the industry, competitors, marketing strategies & more!

Product & Material Research (Green Alternatives!)

Looking for new materials to use? Use these databases to find out about alternative manufacturing processes and materials. Find case studies using those same materials or processes or case studies about a similar product.