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Using Videos for Remote Teaching and Learning

Best practices for incorporating videos into remote teaching.

Screening Streaming Videos in Class

While it is technically possible, showing films from the Libraries streaming collection directly through Zoom is not recommended because of bandwidth issues. If you would like your students to watch a film in its entirely during class time, the best thing to do is to have them mute themselves and all log into the streaming service on their own computers

Screening DVDs or Files in Class

If you have a DVD or a downloaded file it is also technically possible to stream a film in real time through Zoom, but the quality of the transmission is dependent upon the speed and reliability of your Internet connection. For best results, you should be screening the DVD from a built-in DVD drive using the VLC Media Player. Some issues have arisen attempting to screen DVDs from remote players, including blocking DVDs from playing because of digital rights management tools embedded on the disk.  For this reason, it is recommended that you test out streaming DVDs directly from you computer with your students before considering this option.

If the Libraries own the DVD, we have had some success streaming a DVD through Zoom for "remote screenings."  To learn more about this option, please contact