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Finding and Using 16mm Films

This guide provides an overview of the 16mm films located in the Pratt Libraries collection and how to care for them.

Elmo 16-CL Projectors

image of the components of an Elmo 16 CL projectorThe library's Equipment Loan Office circulates two Elmo 16-CL projectors to patrons who have completed projection certification (see: "Circulation & Copyright" tab for more details). Additionally, the MMB screening room in the lower level of the library offers two Elmo projectors for use by certified patrons.

There is also a guide manual available for these projectors which circulates with the projectors, and is also available in the Equipment Loan Office and as a downloadable PDF.

(Note: This guide does not necessarily translate to other models of projectors, but the principle of projection remains the same.)

What Is 16mm Projection Supposed to Look Like?

As you get the hang of threading and projecting your own 16mm prints, check out this handy video that illustrates what it's all supposed to look like when done right.