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This guide will help you find books, articles and images as well as avoid plagiarism, cite your sources and more!

Search for Books at the Pratt Libraries

 - QuickSearch is the Pratt Institute Libraries' Discovery service.

 - Quick Search provides access to the libraries' entire physical collection and a selection of our digital holdings with a single click. This includes books, DVDs, special collections materials, theses, journals, eBooks, and more. It's the best place to go when you're just starting your research project. 

Find a Book

Step 1:  Visit the Library Website @ and use our search box.


Step 2:  Sometimes it is helpful to use the "Catalog Only" limiter on the left sidebar to restrict your search results to just items in our library catalog.

Step 3:  This record for this book says it's "available," which means I can go to the stacks and find it. 

So I write down the call number (917.3 P672P) and visit the Library Stacks. For assistance, you may visit us at the Reference Desk. 

Search Terms for PrattCat Searches

Listed are possible search terms to use in PrattCat when searching for books related to jewelry.



jewelry (or jewellery)





What similar or related terms can you think of? There's no one, correct search. In fact, several searches will be most useful!