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Art History: Contemporary Latin American Art

This guide will help you with research related to art history. For thesis information, see the "Thesis Help" section of this guide.

Selected Books at Pratt

Here are a few books available at the Pratt library that will give you an efficient introduction to the varied field of contemporary Latin American art. 

About Latin American Art

Salas, Davila. Jardin de Ensuenos (Own work) [CC-BY-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

When embarking on research in Latin American art or literature, it is important to know the different identifiers used to describe people from Latin American countries. The term 'Latin American' is an umbrella term for people in most Spanish-speaking countries and some non-Spanish-speaking countries like Brazil. Regions included in Latin America are Mexico, Central America, South America and the Carribbean Islands. The term is controversial in it's efficacy of organization, which is a significant detail to note when conducting research. The term traverses continents, languages, ethnicities, and race. In addition, art generated from Latin America does not produce a common style or ideology, so to look at art organized around the term Latin American Art is simply an exercise in historical regional aggregation. The Book The Idea of Latin America by Walter Mignolo (Available at Pratt) helps elucidate the history and meaning of the concept "Latin America."

Selected Exhibition Catalogues of Latin American Art at Pratt

Exhibition catalogues can help shed light on how certain works relate to bigger art movements or what they mean in relation to work produced before them etc. Here are a few books showing how Latin American art has been curated in the last 30 years.

Online Resources including Digital Archives

Many online digital archives provide access to photographs, artists documents, essays and letters, also known as primary resources. Below is a list of online archives that contain documents related to contemporary Latin American art.

Latino/a Museums & Galleries in NYC

Events and Art Fairs


If you're looking for specific information on a particular topic or maybe an exhibition review, articles in periodicals are probably your best bet. You can find citations for articles and reviews in any of the databases below on the Pratt Library's list of databases. 

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