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Art History: Annotated Bibliographies

This guide will help you with research related to art history. For thesis information, see the "Thesis Help" section of this guide.

Published Annotated Bibliographies

In addition to the online examples of annotated bibliographies (see right), there are puplished annotated bibliographies. Here are a few examples from the Pratt Libraries' collection. It might help to take a look at these.

Click on the image or link to view the PrattCat record--this will help you determine a book's location & availability.

What Is An Annotated Bibliography?

First, let's define what is an annotation and a bibiography.

A bibliography is most often created to list the sources that were used in a research paper, publication or presentation. Sometimes bibliographies are assigned as a stand-alone project so that a student will become familiar with works by a particular author or on a particular theme. Bibliographies might list a variety of source-types such as journal articles, books, websites, images, podcasts, etc.

An annotation is a summary or evaluation of a source that helps to establish its scope, relevance and/or usefulness. Annotations are written in paragraph form.

Therefore, an annotated bibliography will list sources with accompanying annotations. Preparing an annotated bibliography can help you learn about a topic, establish relevant sources on a topic, formulate a thesis argument, and keep track of sources used during the research process. Professors often assign an annotated bibliography as one of the steps toward actualizing a research project. 

For more information on annotated bibliographies, check out: 

Purdue OWL - Annotated Bibliographies

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