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16mm Films at the Pratt Institute Libraries: Home

This guide provides an overview of the 16mm films located in the Pratt Libraries collection and how to care for them.

16mm Film Catalog


The Pratt Institute Libraries have a collection of over 2,400 unique titles on 16mm.  The bulk of the collection was donated by the Brooklyn Public Library and includes full-length and short films on art, architecture, design, history, and social topics; educational films; animation for adults and children; public service announcements; feature films; and experimental films.  Most films date to the 1970s and 80s.

A selection of these titles have been processed and can be found through the Library Catalog. Pratt faculty, staff, and students who have been certified may circulate two designated films for up to seven days from the Lower Level of the Brooklyn Library.  

Send an email to for more information about becoming certified to circulate 16mm films and projectors.

Patrons are welcome to schedule a viewing room for individuals or classes by contacting  Please be sure to include the title of the film you would like to view in your room request.

How to Browse the Collection

  • Come into the library and ask to see the black binder that is an alphabetical list of all films in the collection.
  • Browse a Selection of Films in PrattCat. (Includes only cataloged titles that may be borrowed or used on site.) At any time you may type "*" into "any field" and search on material type "16mm" to search all 16mm entries in the catalog - sort by "title" for alphabetical search. 
  • Browse a searchable PDF including all 16mm holdings. Check to see if the title you are interested in is in the Pratt catalog. If it's not, send an email to requesting that we process a film print. It will take 1-2 weeks. 
  • Please send an email to for further inquiries. Please Note that the information about the individual titles has not been completely vetted.)  
  • A selection of the 16mm films in the Library's collection can be accessed through VMR's YouTube Channel.  See the individual playlists below.


New York City Films on 16mm

A selection of the 16mm films in the Library's collection can be accessed through VMR's YouTube Channel.  See the playlist for New York City films below. 

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