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Using Periodicals

Periodical Locations

Brooklyn Current Periodicals   Second floor, central reading room
Brooklyn Art & Architecture Periodicals  Second floor, in the East and West reading rooms
Brooklyn 2M Periodicals  Level 2M of Brooklyn Stacks
Brooklyn Lower Level Periodicals  Lower Level of Brooklyn Stacks
Manhattan Center Periodicals  Current issues on wall to the left of the door, bound volumes on shelves

What are Current Periodicals?

Current Periodicals are the newest issues of newspapers, magazines, and journals. The are unbound and located in the center reading room on the second floor of the Brooklyn campus library and on the wall to the left of the entrance in the Manhattan Center library.

What are Bound Periodicals?

Older issues of a periodical may be bound together in a series of larger volumes called "Bound Periodicals." When searching for print periodicals in the library's collection, the results page will list every bound volume and its location. Bound Periodicals can be found in several locations across in the library: Art & Architecture Periodicals in the East and West Reading Rooms and Lower Level and 2M Periodicals in the stacks. In each location, Bound Periodicals are organized in alphabetical then chronological order.

Finding an article in a bound periodical

When searching for a specific article in a Bound Periodical, make sure to note the article's entire citation. Start by searching the title of the periodical in the library catalog. Then identify which volume the article would be in using the citation's volume number and date of publication. The volume number and date range of the Bound Periodical will be listed in the "Call No." column. You may need to click the "View additional copies" button to see every volume. Once you have identified the volume, click the "Map it" button to find where the Bound Periodical is shelved.

Each Bound Periodical volume will contain several issues of the periodical. Once you have found the bound volume, search through it to find the citation's issue number and subsequent page numbers.