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Graduate Thesis Submission Guide

The libraries' advice and requirements for graduate theses.

Thesis Templates

Every graduate department has their own unique title and signature page format requirements. In order to submit your thesis successfully, you must use the appropriate format. You can download title and signature page templates for your department below.

Important! You must submit two versions of your thesis signature page. When you submit your full-text thesis PDF to ProQuest ETD, the signature page should only contain the names of your thesis advisor(s). However, you must submit a separate signature page with authentic signatures as a supplemental file.

How to Access The Files

Each department's templates are available through Google Drive as a Google Doc and as an editable PDF. To access the files:

  1. Select your department's Google Drive link. You may be prompted to log in with your Pratt OneKey.
  2. Make a copy into your own Google Drive to edit as a Google Doc. For help with creating and moving copies in Google Drive see here: Organize your files in Google Drive
  3. Edit with your information, save as a .PDF


  1. Select your department's PDF files. These will open in a new tab where you can download the file.
  2. Download the template and edit with Adobe Acrobat. Download Acrobat from Pratt by logging in with your Pratt credentials at Adobe Creative Cloud
  3. Edit with your information, save as a .PDF

Add your edited title and signature pages into your final thesis manuscript as the first two pages of the document. If you have any questions about these files and how to access them, please contact

Graduation Date on Title Page

Check the bottom of your department's title template and make sure the graduation date matches your information:

  • "February" if degree requirements are completed at the end of Fall Semester. Example: "February 2024"
  • "May" if degree requirements are completed at the end of Spring Semester. Example: "May 2021"
  • "October" if degree requirements are completed at the end of Summer Semester. Example: "October 2020"

Communications Design -- MFA

Digital Arts -- MFA

Facilities Management -- MS

Required Signatures: Advisor Only

Fine Arts -- MFA

Required Signatures for MFA: Major Professor, Advisor for Corollary Statement, Chair

Note for MFA: Chair will only sign off if visuals are included with thesis

History of Art and Design (Including Joint Degrees) -- MA, MA/MSLIS, MA/MFA

Required Signatures for MA and MA/MSLIS: HAD Advisor and Chair

Required Signatures for MA/MFA: Major Professor, HAD Advisor, and Chair

Industrial Design -- MID

Required Signatures: Advisor and Chair

Interior Design -- MFA

Required Signatures: Advisor and Chair

Photography -- MFA

Required Signatures: Thesis Professor, Thesis Statement Professor, Chair

Writing -- MFA